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The ADL GT40a built for enthusiasts with growing music collections on their computer hard drives. It’s a high performance 24bits/192kHz USB DAC that’s amazingly affordable. Looking to convert your LPs or other analog sources to digital? The GT40α will take you to the podium with every album you archive. The seriously-shielded audiophile-grade GT40 features a low-latency USB 2.0 audio driver that plays and records at 24bits/192kHz. A likely first for this category, the GT40 includes a built-in low-noise MM / MC phono preamp! Record your favorite vinyl to hard disk via the USB output. The ADL GT40α features L/R analog outputs, and switchable line or phono inputs with a vivid, captivating sound that is simply unheard of in this category. The ADL GT40α (wired with ADL’s Formula 2 cable of course!) brings Furutech’s signature sound -- smooth, detailed clarity -- to desktop systems, especially with high resolution 24bits/192kHz files, but even 16-bit/44.1kHz files sound impeccable and very musical.
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ADL GT40a Specifications

      • USB & Analog Playback and Record multimedia audio system
      • Connectivity: USB B Interface, Analog input/output RCA jack
      • USB Playback Resolution : 24bits/192kHz (Max)
      • USB Recording Resolution: 24bits/192kHz (Max) supports 44.1 /48 /88.2 /96 /176.4 /192 (kHz)
      • Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+/-0.5 dB)
      • SN ratio: >90dB (A-wtd) / Line Output
      • Line Output Level: 5 Vrms
      • Line Input Level: MC 0.4mV / MM 4.0mV / Line 2Vrms
      • Headphone Output Level: 1% THD 1kHz (Max.) 94mW(16 ohm),110mW(32 ohm), 98.6mW (56 ohm), 23mW (300 ohm)
      • Power Supply AC Adaptor Rating: Erp step2 compliant, 2Wire AC Input Type, Class II, AC/DC Switching Adaptor output DC 15V / 0.8A / 12W
      • Dimensions: 150 (W) x 111 (D) x 57 (H) mm
      • Weight: 650g Approx.
      • GT40a Windows driver supports Win XP, Win 7 and Win 8 (not Win Vista)
      • IMPORTANT: The original version GT40 is not compatible with MAC El Capitan OS (10.11). The GT40a is compatible with MAC El Capitan OS (10.11).
The load (Input Impedance) for the ADL GT40α is fixed at 47K ohm for MM and 100 ohm for MC
    • Input Sensitivity Level for MM: 4.0mVrms at 1K Hz
    • Input Sensitivity Level for MC: 0.4mVrms at 1K Hz
    • Input Sensitivity Level for LINE: 400mVrms at 1K Hz
    • Maximum Input Level for LINE: 2Vrms at 1K Hz
    • MC input to LINE output (Vol./Max.) => 70dB @ 1K Hz ,( +/-1dB)
    • MM input to LINE output (Vol./Max.) => 50dB @ 1K Hz ,( +/-1dB)
    • LINE input to LINE output (Vol./Max.) => 8dB @ 1K Hz ,( +/-1dB)
    • GT40α has no setting for gain to match different impedance headphones.
    We recommend using 16 ohm to 300 ohm impedance headphones.
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