Davis Acoustics Courbet 7 | Floorstanding Speakers Pair

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Davis Acoustics Courbet 7 Floorstanding Speakers pair Specifications : 

3-way floorstanding speaker
Bass-reflex load with circular front port
Slanted MDF cabinet
Wooden base
Air-mounted hand-crafted crossover

Nominal power: 130 W
Maximum power: 200 W
Efficiency: 92 dB
Frequency response: 40 Hz to 25 kHz
Impedance: 4 to 8 ohms

1x 13 cm midrange driver with Kevlar membrane
1x 17 cm woofer with carbon fiber membrane
1x 28 mm soft dome tweeter

Dimensions (WxHxD) : 185 x 1100 x 285 mm
Weight : 24 kg

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Davis Courbet 7

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Davis Acoustics Courbet 7 Floorstanding Speakers pair Details : 

Flagship of the French brand, the Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7 floorstanding speaker is a 3-way model equipped with exclusive drivers designed and manufactured in France associated with a double decompression tweeter to provide the most accurate reproduction.

Davis Acoustics is a major player in the French hi-fi industry and has been designing loudspeakers for many decades. The brand has built its reputation in the design of faithful and homogeneous loudspeakers, paying particular attention to the Kevlar drivers, whose yellow color is typical of its loudspeakers. Particularly light and offering a very high rigidity, Kevlar ensures a sound reproduction of a great precision. It is thus quite naturally that the Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7 floor-standing speaker benefits from a Kevlar midrange driver with a 13 cm diameter. This one has an elongated coil in order to preserve a constant energy, even during important movements. The central ogive is replaced by an inert core cover in order to ventilate the speaker. Thanks to this process, the loudspeaker of the Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7 ensures a perfect restitution of the medium and low-medium frequencies while limiting the distortion.

The restitution of the high frequencies of this speaker Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7 is entrusted to a soft dome tweeter of 28 mm of diameter. It is a model identical to the one present on all the speakers of the Davis Acoustics Courbet range. Its particularity is to present a very low distortion and a very concentrated magnetic field. The result is a soft, natural reproduction and high frequencies that are always perfectly controlled.

For the low register, the Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7 column loudspeaker uses a 17 cm diameter speaker with a carbon fiber membrane. This material is used here for its capacity to associate a very great rigidity with an extreme lightness, two essential properties for the restitution of the bass. This membrane is driven by a motorization system ideally calibrated to provide a tense, firm and nuanced bass. This speaker is mounted in bass-reflex load by a circular vent opening on the front of the Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7. This arrangement reduces the space between the rear wall and the speaker, making it easier to place in the room.

As for all its loudspeakers, the French manufacturer also paid a particular attention to the design of the cabinet of the Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7. It benefits from an MDF cabinet whose rear inclination has been specifically studied to avoid the formation of internal standing waves. Inside this cabinet, all the crossovers are mounted in the air and assembled by hand to avoid any interference and preserve the integrity of the sound signal. Finally, this Davis Acoustics loudspeaker rests on an elegant wooden stand to enhance its appearance and reduce harmful vibrations. Decoupling spikes are included to ensure optimal listening conditions.

The Davis Acoustics Courbet N°7 floorstanding speaker is very versatile and can easily be combined with a wide range of amplifiers. It shows a great neutrality and is equally effective for Hi-Fi and home cinema listening.


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