Dynavector P-75 MK4 | Phono Preamplifier


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Dynavector P-75 Mk4 Phono Stage

Dynavector are an established manufacturer of quality moving coil cartridges, designed and engineered to offer a superlative sonic performance while retaining the most accessible price possible at each section of the market. Founded in 1975, Dynavector have achieved their superior status over decades of technological refinement and true quality craftsmanship. The Dynavector P75 Mk4 is an adjustable phono preamp suitable for use with almost any cartridge. Featuring ultra low noise components and extreme RIAA accuracy, the P75 provides a high quality signal for amplification. Compared to the previous model, the Mk4 has numerous improvements to both external construction and internal circuitry, including; the A/C power block is now fully isolated from the main circuitry; the output line driver is now higher current for longer interconnect runs; and the chassis is now larger with redesigned appearance.
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Phono to line level preamplifier Total phono solution Matches any cartridge type Fully user adjustable Very low noise Very high RIAA accuracy No hum! Includes patented 'Phono Enhancer' option Low cost, very high performance
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color Matte White
Brands Dynavector