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FiiO BTR3 | Bluetooth - Dac - Heaphone Amp


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FiiO BTR3 Bluetooth - Dac - Heaphone Amp Details :

BTR3 is not just a Bluetooth product, and instead it can act as a perfectly capable external USB DAC device as well. Bluetooth stability and range were an extremely sore-spot for FiiO as it proved to be quite underwhelming in some of their past devices. In the case of the BTR3 we are seeing FiiO make a specific mention on the impressive Bluetooth range of the devices, quoted as being up to 20 meters in an open area. Portability in mind Other improvements over the BTR1 come in the form of a totally independent volume adjustment, a larger battery capacity, and a higher power-output. The lack of power was probably the most common criticism of the BTR1, so it’s great to see that FiiO improved upon this with the BTR3. This is a product designed for portability in mind, and so it’s more suitable for IEMs. Versatile The BTR3 follows on from the BTR1 and is stylistically more closely-related to the uBTR. Like the uBTR, the BTR3 offers easy one-touch NFC pairing to make things as simple as possible. What the BTR3 does, though, is to take the list of supported Bluetooth codecs and overall functionality to a whole new level. FiiO have given the device the ability to utilise all the most desirable Bluetooth codecs out there, including AptX HD, AptX Low Latency, as well as Sony’s LDAC format. There’s even the inclusion of Huawei’s HWA format which is currently only supported by about a handful of Huawei’s own devices.  
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FiiO BTR3 Bluetooth - Dac - Heaphone Amp Specification :

  • First Bluetooth receiver that supports all ready codecs
  • Bluetooth codec detector
  • NFC for convenient connection
  • DAC AK4376A
  • Separated volume adjustment
  • Type-C port
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