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FiiO FH5 | In-Ear Headphones

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FiiO FH5 In-Ear Headphones Details :

The FiiO FH5 in-ear headphones adopt a 3-way hybrid construction and use both dynamic bass drivers and balanced mid- and high-frequency frames. Certified Hi-Res Audio, they are ideal for listening to high-resolution audio files with a FiiO X5 III, for example. Their low impedance and high sensitivity also allows them to be easily associated with a smartphone or tablet and with the vast majority of audiophile music players. The patented TRISHELL shell structure of the FiiO FH5 headphones is inspired by the design of the supercars chassis, which must be solid, rigid and lightweight to offer maximum performance. The shells of these in-ear earphones are therefore made of an aluminum and magnesium alloy, a material that meets these criteria and also contributes to reducing resonances and distortion. The three components of the hulls are securely held together with screws to eliminate any risk of play and acoustic leakage. For low frequency reproduction, FiiO FH5 headphones use a dynamic 10 mm diameter polymer nano-composite membrane transducer per earpiece. It benefits from the S.Turbo proprietary technology, an acoustic tube with a design inspired by turbocharged turbocharged engines. Its shape channels and optimizes the diffusion of the bass which is thus denser and deeper. The medium and high frequencies are reproduced respectively by a Knowles ED30262 balanced armature transducer and a Knowles TWFK-31082 dual balanced armature transducer. The latter allows FiiO FH5 headphones to reproduce very high frequencies (up to 40 kHz) and to be Hi-Res Audio certified. Two acoustic tubes are also responsible for driving the audio streams produced by these balanced frames to the user's ear canal. The cable that comes standard with FiiO FH5 headphones is the FiiO LC-3.5B cable, an audiophile cable that uses silver-plated monocrystalline copper conductors. On the side of the headset connectors (MMCX format), the transparent sheath is covered with a second transparent sheath stiff and bent, which is a round ear designed to facilitate the retention of each earpiece. The other end of the cable has a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack connector. All contacts are gold plated. The FiiO FH5 headphones come with a rigid storage case, a cloth carrying case, a cleaning tool and 9 pairs of silicone ear-tips in three different sizes and providing a different listening scale. The 3 pairs marked "Balanced" offer a balanced listening, the 3 pairs "Bass" offer an accentuation of the bass register and the 3 pairs "Vocal" allow an improvement of the rendering of the voices. 3 pairs of memory foam tips are also provided, offering particularly effective sound insulation (medium size for the 3) against ambient noise.
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FiiO FH5 In-Ear Headphones Specifications :

Design Hybrid 3-Way In-Ear Headphones Cable guide around the ear Three-part hull made of machined and anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy, screw mounting Independent acoustic tubes (bass, midrange, treble) S.Turbo proprietary technology: optimization of the serious register MMCX connectors Hi-Res Audio Certified transducers Serious: 1 x dynamic transducer, polymer nano-composite membrane of 10 mm diameter Medium: 1 x Knowles balanced frame ED30262 Treble: 1 x Double Balanced Balanced Knowles TWFK-31082 Measures Frequency response: 15 Hz - 40 kHz Impedance: 19 Ohms Sensitivity: 112 dB / mW Max. Permissible power : 100 mW Cable FiiO LC-3.5B 3.5mm mini-jack to MMCX (1.20m) Monocrystalline silver-plated copper conductors Transparent sheath Supplied accessories Rigid storage box Fabric carrying case Cleaning tool 9 pairs of silicone ear-tips (3 sizes: small, medium, large): - 3 pairs "Balanced" (balanced listening) - 3 pairs "Bass" (accentuation of the bass register) - 3 pairs "Vocal" (improvement of the voice rendering) 3 pairs of memory foam tips (medium size for all 3) User guide Overview Unit weight atrium alone: ​​8 g
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