FiiO PL50 | Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply


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FiiO PL50 Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply Specifications : 

Power supply for compatible FiiO headphone amplifiers and portable music players

Linear power supply

Toroidal transformer
Power filtering
Voltage regulator

Output voltages
15 V at 2 A
12 V at 3 A

Connection system
1x power supply port
1x 2-pin output

Accessories included
Power supply cable
Cable to connect to FiiO equipment
Quick installation guide

Dimensions (WxHxD): 190 x 62 x 114 mm
Weight: 1.7 kg

In stock
FiiO PL50

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FiiO PL50 Low Noise Regulated Linear Power Supply Details : 

The Fiio PL50 external power supply is specifically designed to enhance FiiO headphone amplifiers like the FiiO R7 and Fiio K9 Pro ESS, but also the FiiO M17 audiophile player. This Fiio PL50 power supply provides a perfectly clean and stable electrical current to ensure optimal operating conditions for the associated devices. The result is greater musicality, with a notable gain in transparency, dynamics and precision.

The Fiio PL50 separate power supply has a major impact on the sound quality of the associated devices. Indeed, the electrical network is invaded by numerous interferences generated by the electronic devices connected to the network: refrigerator, oven, elevator, etc. Even other consumers outside your home can impact the electrical signal. The digital signals that pass through the network to the connected audio equipment are very sensitive to these disturbances, which can greatly reduce their accuracy and thus impact the sound quality. The Fiio PL50 power supply eliminates these interferences while providing a more stable current.

In order to eliminate disturbances, the Fiio PL50 power supply is based on a linear architecture using a very low noise toroidal transformer. This is combined with a multi-stage mains filter to eliminate interference and provide the cleanest possible current. In addition, a regulation system provides a perfectly stable voltage to maximize the work of the associated components. The result is a more open soundstage, better transparency and more effective reproduction of micro-details.

The Fiio PL50 separate power supply is designed around a robust aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis. This forms an effective barrier against electro-magnetic waves. You can therefore place it directly next to your electronics without fear of interference. In order to be associated with your FiiO devices, the Fiio PL50 power supply is equipped with a two-pin connector at the back. A selector allows you to choose the desired voltage: 15 V under 2 A or 12 V under 3 A.

The Fiio PL50 power supply is an excellent complement to a FiiO headphone amp or the FiiO M17 Walkman to bring out its full potential. It will bring an even more grandiose sound reproduction and unsuspected details.

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