Ifi Audio Zen DAC Version 2 - DAC + Amplifier


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The new ZEN DAC V2 includes a new 16-core XMOS chip – this is the engine that handles the digital data received over USB prior to analogue conversion. The chip’s increased processing power, coupled with iFi’s custom firmware, enables MQA support to be upgraded from rendering to full decoding. The ZEN DAC V2 also features an upgrade to iFi’s GMT (Global Master Timing) crystal clock circuitry, delivering even lower jitter performance with corresponding sonic benefits.
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Ifi Zen DAC Version 2 - DAC + Amplifier

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Improve the sound quality of your music with the ZEN DAC quickly and easily. Connect the ZEN DAC via USB in between your PC, Mac or smart device – tablet or phone – and chill. Power consumption < 1.5W via USB power. Or, add a 5v DC power supply for even better performance (we suggest the iFi iPower 5V). Add the ZEN DAC to your home audio system and use it as a USB DAC, with or without the sound engaged. Whether you are hooking up headphones, an external amp or active speakers, you can choose between a single-ended or balanced connection – a remarkable facility at this price. Pentaconn 4.4mm balanced outputs at both the front and back. On the front, there’s also the popular 6.3mm headphone socket, so you get both headphone options. The ZEN DAC V2 delivers hi-res, ‘bit perfect’ PCM and DXD to 24-bit/384kHz, DSD256 and full MQA decoding. The analogue output stage of the ZEN DAC is a balanced design which means less interference and cross talk. Benefit from PowerMatch – a single switchable gain mode – to cater for headphone sensitivity. Turn on TrueBass to add missing bass to open back headphones or IEMs.
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