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Magnum Dynalab MD 105T


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*Options Legend a Standard faceplate is black 17  with all units unless otherwise noted S a Silver Faceplate; DAC a Digital Audio Converter; R a IR Remote.Remote:standard . CONTROLS AND FUNCTIONALITY A. INPUT SELECTOR – Switches the MD 105T between digital inputs found on the rear panel of your tuner. Only functioning when optional DAC has been purchased. B. POWER – Turns the power (AC) on and off to your tuner, with the optional remote system this switch must be left in the “OFF” position. C. MUTE – In the “ON” position, a limit is now placed on your tuner. While scaling up and down the FM dial, weak stations will be overlooked so that no alarming noises will be heard while looking for programs. We recommend that with the optional remote system you leave the Mute switch in the “ON” position. D. STEREO – Switches your tuner from Stereo to Mono and vice-versa. Switching to Mono will often clean up noisy stereo transmissions and aid in delivering quiet listening to weaker signals. E. BANDWIDTH – When BW 1 is selected your tuner is in the wide IF (Intermediate Frequency) bandwidth setting. This setting produces the best sound possible where strong adjacent channel interference is not an issue. When BW 2 is selected the tuner is placed in “Narrow” bandwidth setting, this setting produces optimal sound performance where adjacent channel interference is a factor. F. TUNING KNOB – Rotating this knob allows you precise control of the fine tuning of the FM signal you are listening to. Slight de-tuning of the tuner may aid in eliminating measures of multi-path or other atmospheric conditions that may affect the sound quality of your reception.
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Usable sensitivity- Mono – 0.7 uV 9.0 dBf 50 dB quieting – Mono – 2.0 uV 9.9 dBf 50 dB quieting – Stereo – 2.3 uV 25.0 dBf Capture ratio – 1.5 dB Image rejection – 110.0 dB Signal to noise ratio – 80.0 dB Alternate channel – Wide – 40.0 dB Alternate channel – Narrow - 70.0 dB Adjacent channel – Wide – 3.0 dB Adjacent channel – Narrow - 35.0 dB THD – Mono – 0.10 % THD – Stereo – 0.18 % Stereo separation – 50.0 dB AM suppression – 70.0 dB SCA rejection – 80.0 dB IF rejection – 80.0 dB 19 KHz and 38 KHz component rejection – 75.0 dB Audio frequency response (+/- 1 dB) – 15 Hz – 17 KHz Balanced audio output (600 ohms) 2.2 V Line audio output (RCA) – 1.0 V Line power (Must be specified) – 110/220/230/240- VAC Dimensions (inches H.W.D.) – 4 x 19 x 15 Dimensions (cm H.W.D.) – 11.43 x 48.3 x 38.1 Weight (lbs./kgs) - 18/7.96 Power consumption (Typ/Max) - 50w/100w TUBE SPECIFICATIONS Filament current (max) 330 mA (min) 270 mA Anode current (1) (max) 1.07 mA (min) 0.92 mA Anode current (2) (max) 1.07 mA (min) 0.92 mA Total harmonic distortion < 1.8% Tubes position 1 and 2 MD Reference Silver 6922