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MoFi Electronics StudioTracker


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We have designed three new high output moving magnet models in a collaboration between MoFi and Allen Perkins of Spiral Groove. The MoFi cartridges use a V-Twin Dual Magnet generator that mirrors the design of a lathe’s stereo cutter head. Two powerful low mass magnets are carefully aligned in parallel with the stereo record grooves to achieve excellent channel separation and detail retrieval - the kind of performance normally attributed to moving coil cartridges but without the requirements of a step-up transformer or an expensive MC phono stage. Allen spent many hours fine tuning these cartridges by removing resonance with the use of next generation damping materials. And by permanently affixing the stylus mounting plate, added more control to the physical interface between the stylus/cantilever and the generator for greater detail retrieval and improved bass definition. The result is wide-bandwidth and dynamic sound that is true to the original master.
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MoFi Electronics StudioTracker Specifications :

  • V-Twin Generator
  • High Output MM
  • Elliptical Stylus
  • Polymer Body
  • Voiced by MoFi and Allen Perkins
  • Made in Japan
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