Music Hall PA15.3 | Phono Preamplifier


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Music Hall - PA15.3 Phono Preamplifier Specifications : 

Phono MM & MC Capability;
Adjustable Gain & Cartridge Loading;
Superior Low Noise Design;
Excellent RIAA Linearity;
Subsonic Filter On/Off;
Gold Plated RCA Connectors;
Outboard Power Supply / Worldwide Compatibility;
Dimensions : 2.24" x 3.94" x 6.69";
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

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Music Hall PA15.3 | Phono Amplifier

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Music Hall - PA15.3 Phono Preamplifier Details : 

The PA15.3 phono amplifier is another example of Music Hall's unmatched expertise in turntables and phono amps. This fully adjustable amplifier allows you to maximize the performance of your cartridge by adjusting the gain and loading.

Despite its modest price point, the PA15.3 delivers unrivaled performance and functionality that can match units costing five times as much. With excellent RIAA linearity and a superior low noise design, this amplifier produces crystal clear sound that faithfully captures the warmth and depth of your vinyl records. The subsonic filter on/off option and gold plated RCA connectors make this amplifier a versatile and high-quality choice for any vinyl enthusiast.

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Brands Music Hall
color Silver