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Nordost Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable

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Computer Audio and traditional vinyl are the fastest growing
categories in hifi. Due to the constant upgrades and new
developments in the consumer electronics industry, customers
are constantly fighting to have the newest, the best, the most
advanced technology. As a cable manufacturer, it is Nordost’s job
to provide end users with the means to achieve the best results
from these new products— enter the Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable.
With the Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable, hifi enthusiasts will not only
be able to fully integrate Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
and music streaming into their systems, they will simultaneously
be improving upon their sonic performance.
In order to achieve the improvements that it boasts, Nordost has
developed a unique design that allows its cable to surpass
industry standards. The Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable consists of
eight 23 AWG polymer insulated conductors, arranged in four
individually shielded, twisted pairs, which are then wrapped in
braided, silver-plated copper shielding, and encased within a
high-density polymer insulation. This fully shielded cable
construction virtually eliminates the crosstalk and
electromagnetic interference (EMI) that has always afflicted
previous network cables.
To additionally enhance the performance of their new Ethernet
Cable, Nordost has implemented mechanical tuning. This process
utilizes meticulously calculated lengths, which have been
dictated by the geometry, material, and application of the cable,
in order to reduce internal microphony and high frequency
resonance. The precise cut of each conductor also ensures the
uniform arrival of all signals, dramatically reducing timing errors.
The resulting cable can support frequencies of 1000MHz and
transmission speeds of up to 40Gbits/second, offering far more
bandwidth than is needed for the typical data demands of today.
To complete its excellent build, the Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable is
terminated with a completely shielded and ruggedized
8P8C/RJ45 connector designed to further resist EMI and Electro
Static Discharge (ESD).
The Heimdall 2 Ethernet Cable is designed, manufactured, and
terminated in the USA. Each cable is constructed with the quality
of fabrication, precision and consistency needed to ensure a
guaranteed improvement over standard issue, mass-produced,
low precision Ethernet cables.
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Nordost Heimdall 2

8 X 23 AWG Solid Core Conductors
Screen Foiled Twisted Pair Design (s/ftp)
Fully Shielded Dual Braid
High-Density Polymer Insulation
Shielded, Ruggedized Connectors
Extremely High Bandwidth
Handcrafted in the USA
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