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The Rega Fono MC has been designed to be effective, easy to use, and above all, to reproduce music. The Fono MC uses the Linear Systems low noise LSK389 FET in an all discrete input stage where low noise and linearity are vitally important to get the best from an MC cartridge. Because of the high input impedance of FET, the loading effects of the amplifier circuit are minuscule and do not affect the performance of the cartridge.
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The Fono disk stage is designed to amplify the signal from a moving coil cartridge to a level which can feed into a 200mV line level input on a standard hi-fi amplifier. Input sensitivity (for 200mV output) 4 off = 133uV 4 on = 67uV Input loading resistance 1 and 2 off = 400Ω 1 on = 100Ω 2 on = 150Ω 1 and 2 on = 70Ω Input loading capacitance 3 off = 1000pF 3 on = 4300pF Gain (at 1KHz) 4 off = 63.5dB 4 on = 69.5dB Maximum input level (at 1KHz) 4 off = 6.7mV 4 on = 3.4mV Output impedance = 200Ω Recommended minimum output load resistance = 5K Frequency response (50KΩ output load) = 13Hz (-3dB) to 100KHz (-0.3dB) RIAA accuracy (50KΩ output load) = Better than +/-0.2dB 100Hz to 100KHz Power requirements = 24V AC at 150mA maximum. Only to be used with Rega PS1.
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