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Spendor A2 | Loudspeaker

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Description The new Spendor A Series speakers prove you do not need a lot of space or a huge budget to enjoy dynamic, open and immersive sound. If you really love music, whatever model you choose, each model will add a whole new dimension to your listening pleasure. The built-in speakers on the spendor A2 speakers were designed with Spendor's new EP77 Polymer Cones. This new design allows speakers to partner with a wider range of amplifiers. The result is a dynamic, open and very balanced sound with deep and well articulated bass. They have elegant proportions and thanks to their small width and their design, the Spendor A2 are placed without worry near a wall without sacrificing the musicality. Closer to performance It is increasingly rare to find a brand that makes its own speakers internally - let alone who makes its own boxes - because these tasks require experience, know-how and significant investments. Spendor is one of them. From a pair of natural oak A2s to the SP200 Classic in dark walnut, all Spendor loudspeakers go through a meticulous manufacturing process that includes hours of work, with speaker apperance, coloring and hand finishing for create an irreproachable aesthetic. If you really appreciate craftsmanship, skill, imagination and attention to detail, you can choose any top Spendor model, confident that you are investing in true British craftsmanship. Eye for detail The distinctive Spendor sound is the result of their obsession with detail. Spendor loudspeakers work in perfect harmony with efficient, high-quality filtering, creating short signals while being anchored directly to the rigid structure of the cabinet. The internal structure of the Spendor casing with the dynamic damping system offers an ultra-fast response, while the high linearity components, the high quality internal cables and a system of solid points, used on the floor models, all contribute at a peak performance. The silhouette of the speakers is slim and compact. You can place them easily and discreetly in your living space and they will fill the room with a clear and captivating sound. Thanks to innovative Spendor technology, the A-series speakers will get the most out of all the equipment you have. The new Spendor speakers offer state-of-the-art performance. The speakers of the A series are the most versatile and affordable of the English brand.
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Technical characteristic Type: 2 ways Speakers: Tweeter, 22 mm Medium / boomer, 150 mm Bandwidth: 36 - 25,000 Hz Impedance: 8 ohms Recommended amplifier: 25 - 125 W Sensitivity: 85 dB Cutoff frequency: 4,200 Hz Dimensions (H x W x D): 756 x 150 x 250 mm Weight: 12 kg
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