Target Floor Protection Footers Sets of 4- Spike Shoes


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Target Floor Protection Footers - Spike Shoes Another "FIRST and FINEST" product; Target Audio Products (UK) uniquely developed the SPIKE SHOE in the 1980's. Often copied, never equaled, SPIKE SHOES created the solution for those wanting the excellent mechanical grounding / isolative benefits of spikes but without the destructive spike holes or depressions in their fine floors or wood / finish audio shelves.  Prevents scratching of any natural or finished surface, or the slipping / sliding effect that results when spikes are used on glass shelves or tile floors. Made from the highest quality materials, SPIKE SHOES precision stamped steel body is zinc plated and black matte powder paint coated. The body is then permanently  bonded to a high durometer EPDM insert using non-delaminating adhesive.  SPIKE SHOES have a dimple that centrally locates the spike tip, providing a solid mounting point to transfer or channel energy most effectively. Known worldwide, SPIKE SHOES remain unique. SPIKE SHOES are capable of providing both; rock solid acoustic grounding / coupling properties, as well as; superb isolation / damping properties. Acoustic Coupling (or Mechanical Grounding) is the principle employed when two independent surfaces are physically tied together to act as one.  Being firmly coupled, they transfer physical energy from one surface to the other.  Speaker stands and component stands benefit from acoustic coupling because they become united directly to the floor which resonates insignificantly compared to other surfaces. For example, when speaker drivers actuate, they interact against the air, causing the cabinet to move, losing energy to its mounting surface, wasting acoustic energy.  When the speaker cabinet or component is coupled to the floor via an extremely rigid, high mass stand, all components (including the floor) act as one, without loss of energy.  Reproduced music is vastly improved by this restriction of movement and wasted energy. Acoustic Isolation (or Mechanical De-Coupling) is the principle employed when two independent surfaces are intentionally separated from each other, thereby not allowing the transfer of physical energy from one surface to the other.  Certain physical energy frequencies can become very detrimental to even the best of components.  Lighter mass components (such as source components or tubes having micro phonic properties) often benefit more from vibration isolation than from acoustic coupling. The unique EPDM elastomer insert used in SPIKE SHOES is extremely dense, high durometer (hardness) material, which provides excellent vibration isolation (damping) properties under light to medium mass loads of up to 5 pounds.  However, when used under higher mass loads, greater than 5 pounds, such as speakers and component stands, the EPDM elastomer compresses considerably, thereby providing effective acoustic coupling / mechanical grounding properties. SPIKE SHOES improve the acoustic performance of speakers and components through selective use of either; coupling or isolation, dependent upon the mass load upon their elastomer insert.  Therefore, coupling and isolation, is provided by SPIKE SHOES.  The EPDM insert will not move or shift on its mounting surface, even after being subjected to significant vibration over time.  This ensures components are stationary and secure. SPIKE SHOES are well priced for a set of 4.   Audition for yourself and you will be convinced of their improvement.
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Target Floor Protection Footers Sets of 4 Specifications :

Note: 2 sets required par pair of speakers. Made in Canada from superior materials, Spike Shoes offer decoupling vibration control properties for an astonishing sonic improvement. They protect your floor from spikes (speakers or speakers stands)
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