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Cardas Audio has been around since 1987. The manufacture of high-end audio cables and other components has become Cardas Audio's priority. Cardas' goal is to perfect audio cables using ultra-pure materials, innovative gold ratio resonance control techniques, and unique and insightful solutions to transmission line problems.

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  • twinlink_power_coiled

    Cardas Twinlink Power Cord 1.5 meters

    3050 Points

    Cardas Twinlink Power Cord is a small (11 awg) power cord that is light weight and flexible. It is designed…

  • Cardas Crosslink Speaker Cables 2.5 meters

    3860 Points

    Crosslink 1S is our least expensive speaker cable. Flexible and light weight, Crosslink is great for home theater, in-wall, automotive,…

  • Cardas Twinlink Speaker Cables 2.5 meters

    5050 Points

    Twinlink is a small speaker cable, intended for very efficient home audio speakers. This is our most affordable speaker cable…

  • crosslink_ic_main_under_transparent

    Cardas Crosslink Interconnect

    From: 167.00$
    1670-2040 Points

    Crosslink is our entry-level interconnect cable. Crosslink is available as a finished cable, terminated by Cardas Audio, and it is…

  • microtwin_ic_lifestyle2

    Cardas Microtwin Interconnect

    From: 220.00$
    2200-2750 Points

    Microtwin is an affordable interconnect featuring Cardas' Pure Copper Litz conductors. Light weight & flexible. Length from 1.5 meters to…

  • clear_light_ic_main_transparent

    Cardas Parsec Interconnect

    From: 325.00$
    3250-4330 Points

    The first Cardas interconnect in our Cross product line to feature Matched Propagation Conductors, the technology originally developed for Clear.…