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Nagaoka is unique in the cartridge business having produced styli, cartridges and accessories for records since 1940 thus more than 70 years! Moreover all the very high precision parts used in manufacturing the cartridges and styli are made in Nagaoka’s own factories, from the diamond tips, the cantilevers, the samarium cobalt magnets, even de coils.

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  • nagaoka mp-110 Replacement stylus Nagaoka MP-110

    Nagaoka Stylus MP-110 | Replacement Stylus

    1190 Points

    Replacement stylus Nagaoka MP-110 Cantilever: aluminum alloy Stylus: 0.4 x 0.7 Mil bonded elliptical diamond stylus tip

  • Nagaoka MP-110

    Nagaoka MP-110 | Phono Cartridge

    1900 Points

    Nagaoka MP-110 the successor to the highly acclaimed and classic Nagaoka MP11 phono cartridge, the new  Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge…

  • NAGAOKA MP 150NAGAOKA MP 150 detail

    Nagaoka MP 150

    4400 Points

    NAGAOKA MP 150 The Nagaoka MP-150 phonograph cartridge offers superior clarity, detail and dynamic contrast and offers fine solid bass,…

  • Nagaoka MP100 Cartridge

    Nagaoka MP-100 | Phono Cartridge

    1600 Points

    Nagaoka MP100 The Nagaoka MP-100 (mp100 ) phonograph cartridge offers musical clarity and expression beyond its price and competitors splendid…