Digital cables

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  • Nordost Blue Heaven Digital Cable 75 Ohm | Digital Coaxial

    From: 239.99$
    2400-3000 Points

    Nordost Blue Heaven Digital Cable 75 Ohm | Digital Coaxial The safe transfer of digital data streams depends on achieving…

  • Kimber Kable DV-30

    From: 113.00$
    1130-2320 Points

    RG6 based high purity copper and foamed PTFE dielectric offer increased bandwidth over the V21. Longer lengths are no problem…

  • Nordost Silver Shadow 1M | Digital Coaxial Cable

    599.00$ 199.00$
    1990 Points

    Nordost Silver Shadow Digital Cable Details : Nordost Silver Shadow is the state of the art, high performance digital interconnect…

  • Kimber Kable OPT-1

    From: 85.00$
    850-1350 Points

    With such excellent light transfer characteristics in the Kimber Kable OPT-1 digital cable, the result is a sound which is…

  • Kimber Kable USB B Bus CU

    From: 65.00$
    650-1040 Points

    Silver-plated (6.1%) signal conductors. Maximum gauge signal and power conductors. High-density polyethylene signal conductor dielectric. Ferrite noise reduction beads. Connector…

  • Cambridge Audio 300 series cables

    From: 40.00$
    400-700 Points

    If you have a good quality hi-fi or AV system which relies upon coaxial digital connections, then good quality leads…

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