Edwards Audio Apprentice MM MkII | Phono Preamp



Edwards Audio Apprentice MM MkII Phono Preamp Details :

The Edwards Audio Apprentice MM Mk2 is a MM phono preamp, derived from the popular Edwards Audio MM1 and uses a similar circuit topology with passive equalization of treble and active bass.

Exceptionally at this price level, it uses a two-stage amplifier to dampen the equalization network and ensure a low output impedance.

However, it is configured for use with a DC switching power supply. This saved money at the same time as the use of a double U steel construction, eliminating the need for costly extrusion. It is complemented by an elegant 3mm black acrylic front panel.

As for the sound performance, the almost silent signal-to-noise ratio and its 42 dB gain, the Apprentice MM will not leave you indifferent, unlike most of the preamps we’ve listened to. its performance is exceptional quality-price, in fact a real audiophile case.


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Edwards Audio Apprentice MM MkII Phono Preamp Specifications :

Max MM 75mV input
42 dB gain
THD distortion <0.01% 1kHz
Signal to noise ratio (MM 5mV 83dB
RIAA accuracy in 0.5dB
Stereo separation better than 65dB – 20-20kHz
Loading input MM 47K to 150pF
Dynamic range 110dB
Output impedance Maximum output level 7.5V RMS depending on the input
Dimensions WxHxL approx. 119.5mm x 50.0mm x 75mm
Weight 0.55kg
3W power consumption