FiiO LC-3.5C | Headphones Cable



FiiO LC-3.5C Headphones Cable Details :

The FiiO LC-3.5C headset cable is for all headphones with MMCX connectors, whether FiiO, Shure, JVC, Westone, etc. It is distinguished from the FiiO LC-3.5B cable by its larger conductive surface.

Equipped with a balanced 3.5mm straight jack on one side and MMCX connectors on the other, the FiiO LC-4.4C headphone cable is a balanced cable with 8 separate conductors. The left and right channels are thus completely separated, each with their positive and negative cable, to avoid any risk of interference and crosstalk. For each conductor, the manufacturer uses 19 strands of 0.08 mm diameter silver-plated single crystal OFC copper with a semi-transparent thermoplastic polyurethane insulating sheath.

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FiiO LC-3.5C Headphones Cable Specifications :

FiiO F5, F7, F9
Shure SE215, SE215M +, SE315, SE425, SE535, SE846
Logitech UE900, UE900S
Westone AC10, AC20, ES10, ES20, ES30, ES50, ES60, W40, W50, W60, W80, UM Pro 10, UM Pro 20, UM Pro 30, UM Pro 50, AM10, AM20

Connector: 3.5mm mini-jack / MMCX
– Monocrystalline OFC silver plated copper
– 19 strands per conductor (diameter of each strand: 0.08 mm)
8 separate conductors: fully separate left and right channels
Thermoplastic polyurethane sheath.