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Premium mobile headphones

Foldable Closed-back Over-ear headphones


Listen combines all the advantages of premium headphones without sacrificing the need for mobility. Light, foldable and compatible with all smartphones. To preserve acoustic qualities, even in noisy environments, Listen provides excellent noise insulation thanks to its closed-back design and large ear cushions. The heat-sensitive, high-density memory foam earpieces offer a level of comfort normally reserved for headphones with a much steeper price tag.

Finally, at the heart of Listen is its acoustic capabilities. The innovated 40mm drivers offer an extremely dynamic sound, tight bass, and remarkable tonal balance. Designed in Saint-Etienne by France’s top acoustics engineers, Listen.

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Product Data Sheet
LISTEN are a Premium pair of headphones from Focal, targeted at the mobile user. The closed back design and large chrome plated ear cups
provide excellent isolation from outside noise while offering high-quality acoustic performance, even on a busy city street or in a subway car.
At the core of its acoustic quality is the innovative large driver (137⁄64” -40mm) made of Mylar and Titanium.
For optimal performance, a Mylar
sheet is used on the driver, while a Titanium coating is applied to the dome only. LISTEN’s exclusive diaphragm technology creates its outstanding
sound quality, while its high dynamic, deep and controlled bass, and overall tonal balance makes it unique in its class of headphones.
The thick thermosensitive memory foam and soft touch headband provides optimum comfort and weight distribution.
Focal’s LISTEN offer users a lightweight, comfortable pair of headphones for individuals on the go.
With their noise isolating design, built-in multifunction remote and omnidirectional microphone, they are ideal for traveling, taking a conference call in private or for hours of intense listening.
Closed headphones, circum-aural
Impedance 32 Ohms
Sensitivity 122dB SPL @ 1kHz – / 1Vrms
THD <0.4% @ 1kHz / 100dB SPL
Frequency response 15Hz – 22kHz
Driver 1 37/64“ (40mm) Mylar/Titanium
Weight 0.60lb (273g)
Cable length 4.60ft (1.4m)
Connector 09/64“ (3.5mm) Jack 4 conductors
Dimensions913⁄32“x811⁄32“x43⁄8“ (239x212x111mm)

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