Gale HT405.1 Home theater

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The sophisticated Gale HT405.1 Home theater system features 5 Gale satellite speakers and
complimenting Gale active subwoofer.This combination provides a cosmetically pleasing and cost effective package which ultimately provides a commanding home movie experience.

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Gale HT405.1 Satellite speakers

Performance Frequency Response:                     150Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity:                                     82dB (1 Watt input)
Impedance:                                   4-8 Ohms
Output Power:                              20-100Watts
Drivers:                                        (1) 2.5 inch mid/bass 1 inch tweeter
Crossover Type:                            2nd Order
Size:                                             H133 x W98 x D109
Weight:                                         2Kg
Finish:                                           Silver


HT405.1 Powered subwoofer

Performance Frequency Response:                     40Hz-150Hz
Output Power:                              65 Watts
Mains voltage:                               110-120 Volts 60 Hz
Power consumption:                      100 Watts
Drivers:                                        8 inch unshielded long throw woofer
Crossover type:                            Continuous/Active
Size:                                             H300 x W300 x D300
Weight:                                         14.5Kg / 31.9Lbs
Finish:                                           Silver

Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions18 × 19 × 24 cm

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