Spin-Clean MK2 Record Washer Package



The Spin-Clean Record Washer Package MK2 Includes bath unit, two pairs of brushes, one pair of rollers, seven washable drying cloths, one 4 oz bottle of concentrated washer fluid and one 32 oz bottle of concentrated washer fluid.

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The Least Expensive Record Cleaning Machine We’ve Ever Offered! The Complete System Kit Comes Fully Loaded with More Fluid and More Cleaning Power! The Spin-Clean gets records clean, is easy to use and doesn’t cost a fortune. Spin-Clean also takes the effort out of cleaning records, the brushes scrub both sides of the record simultaneously, rollers in the tank keep records safe from damage and the fluid pulls dirt off the record and down to the bottom of the tank. Quick, easy and reasonably priced, now there’s no reason not to clean every record in your collection. The Record Washer System is available two ways, as a Starter Kit and as a Complete System Kit.


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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions15 × 6 × 9 cm

Spin clean

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