Atoll ST 100 SE | Network Streamer



Atoll ST100se | Network Streamer

The ST100se includes all of Atoll’s technological know-how in conversion, preamplification and user interface. Atoll’s streamers fit in any Hi-Fi system enabling access to all of the non physical audio contents and Internet radios.

It reads files and streams and Internet radio on the network, DLNA and UPnP compatible through wired or Wifi. It displays titles and album art and is capable of gapless playback. Tunes can be added in a Favorites menu.

If you purchase this product you will earn 24990 Points! Worth 124.95$!
If you purchase this product you will earn 24990 Points! Worth 124.95$!


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ST100se Technical Data

Read formats : FLAC/WAV 176.7kHz & 192kHz/24bits, ALAC, AIFF, MP3…
Possible update via Internet

2 USB «A » Inputs (1 front & 1 rear).
3 digital Inputs:
1 USB « B » asynchronous (24 bits/192KHz)
1 Coaxial SPDIF (24 bits/192KHz)
1 Optical SPDIF (24 bits/192KHz) (PCM1796 for the ST100)
2 analog Inputs
1 RJ45 network link
1 Wifi antenna
1 pair of analog RCA Output
1 digital Output (coaxial)
1 digital Output (Optical)
1 headphones Output (on front panel)
Bluetooth® receiver (I2S interfaced to the PCM5102)

Internet Radio
On a Wifi or Ethernet (RJ45) connection, direct access to internet radios (MP3 or HD) by the vTuner system that allows a choice in 15000 stations in 120 countries, 56 genres, podcasts, etc. displaying logos, titles, etc.

User Interface
3,5″ QVGA TFT color display
All functions available from the front panel and the remote control
Serial remote control (volume control, Inputs selection, web radio setup…)
Control with a free downloaded Apple® or Androïd® app.

Symmetrical outputs stages with discrete components polarized in A class
Analog volume control (with commutated resistors) with possible bypass
Transformer specifically dedicated to audio stages (3,6VA for ST100)
Digital/analog Converter : Burr-Brown 24 bits/192 kHz
Output Stages : 2 discrete stages with no feedback
Dynamic range :123 dB
Output Impedance : 100 Ohm
Output Level : 2,4 VRMS
Signal/Noise Ratio : 123 dB
Distortion at 1kHz : 0,005%
Bandwidth : 5Hz – 20kHz
Rise Time : 1,5 microseconds

1,5 mm steel chassis with 4mm aluminum front panel
Dimensions: 440 X 290 X 90 mm ( 17.3 X 11.4 X 3.5 ” )
Weight: 5 kg ( 11 lbs )

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