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Fiio K9 Pro - DAC / Headphone Amp


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Entering into the big game of high-end desktop DAC/AMP’s FiiO has released the latest K9 Pro flagship DAC/AMP. FiiO’s “K” series has a superb range of desktop DAC/AMP’s and the K9 Pro is the new leader of the chain now. FiiO initially imagined the K9 Pro to feature a dual AK4499 DAC setup but due to the disastrous fire at AKM factory resulting in the shortage of AKM DAC chips, FiiO had to redesign the architecture of K9 Pro. Still, with the shortage of DAC chips, the quantity of K9 Pro will be very limited.
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Fiio K9 Pro - DAC / Headphone Amp

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Orders over CA$149.00

Features:- >Flagship AK4499 DAC chip. >MQA Decoding Support. >Headphone Out(6.35mm Single-Ended/4.4mm Balanced/4-pin XLR). >MQA Decoding Support. >Customised THX AAA Amplification Module. >Hi-res PCM Decoding up to 32-Bit/768kHz. (USB Input) >DSD Support up to DSD512 natively. (USB Input) >Optical/Coaxial Input supports PCM up to 192kHz and DoP64. >Hi-End Parameters & Configuration. >Hi-resolution Bluetooth Support with latest Qualcomm QCC51xx Series Chip. >LDAC/AptX Adaptive/AAC/SBC and other hi-res Bluetooth Codec Support. >Digital Inputs: Bluetooth/Coaxial/Optical/USB. >Analog Input: 4.4mm/RCA. >Lineout: RCA, Balanced XLR. >Three-Level Gain Mode: Low, Medium, High. >Linear Power Supply. >App Control. >Adjustable Volume Knob with backlight(for indicating active sample rate). >Multi-state selection & indication.
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