Grado Prestige Silver 3 | Phono Cartridge


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Grado Prestige Silver 2 | Phono Cartridge

Both the Silver2 and Gold2 use a four piece OTL cantilever with a Grado specific elliptical diamond stylus mounted on a brass bushing. With the Silver2 and Gold2, a machined turned generator is used to achieve a lower distortion and greater transparency. The Gold2 are hand selected from Silver2 production runs which meet higher test specifications. Approximately 5% of the run usually exhibits these specs and become a Gold2.

Grado’s OTL stylus/cantilever design makes records sound quieter, improves the height, width, and depth of the soundstage, and present more detail than previously obtainable.

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Grado Prestige Silver 2 Technical Data

Frequency Response : 10 Hz - 60 kHz Principle : Flux Bridge Channel Separation at 1 kHz : 35 dB Load : 47 kilohms Output at 1 kHz 5 cm/sec. :  5 mV Recommended Tracking Force : 1.5 grams Stylus Type : Elliptical Inductance : 45 millihenrys Resistance : 475 Ohms Stylus Replacement : By user Mount : 1/2 inch and P-Mount Weight : 5.5 grams

More Information
width 6
height 6
color Terracotta
Brands Grado